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   Jennell Williams Launches her book entitled, “Older Adults Should Not Be Left Behind”   The release of this book demonstrates Jennell’s intense passion to convey her vital message to older adults the need to invest in themselves.  This book is designed to be a practical tool designed to encourage our aging communities to understand the importance of sustaining their quality of lifestyle.  Jennell’s writing reminds older Adults of the value of their legacies and footprints.  Jennell compares older adults as diamonds and precious jewels that reside in our today’s society.

   Jennell L. Williams an entrepreneur who started her business journey since 1983.  She has pioneered her business efforts by establishing three corporations.  Her areas of business delivery and expertise has expanded into the industries of Direct Mail, Bulk mail Preparation, Data Base Management, Mortgage Loan Origination, Housing (HUD) Counseling, Licensed Life and Health Insurance Advisor,  Human Resource Consulting, Conflict Resolution Trainer Facilitator, Motivational Speaker, Health Care Management and  Geriatric Consulting.  In the past, her companies were awarded contracts with the Federal Government, State Government and Local Governments.  She provided Consulting Services for Xerox Corporation, Crozer Chester Medical Center, City of Philadelphia, DuPont Company, Liberty Resources Inc., Delaware County Community College, School District of Philadelphia and Univ. of Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

   Since 2008, Jennell, a visionary expanded her career into serving the needs of older adults. Her passion for older adults transcended into the Senior Lift Program designed to lift the “spirit” of older adults through education and learning forums.  Senior Lift implemented its goals through technology training, elder care management, and planning travel and social events.

   Jennell hold a B.A. Degree in Human Resource Management from Immaculata College;  A.A.S. Degree from Penn State University, Diploma in Practical Nursing; and Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) in the Health Care Industries. Jennell is highly active in her Christian faith promoting the message of hope, faith and vision.  She is the wife of Arif Zahir, the mother of three children and two grandchildren.

   The Author, Jennell Williams reaches out to your organization to facilitate Book Signings, to present Workshops on Aging Subjects and Provide Motivational Speaking Engagements that Inspire and Inform Older Adults on current aging issues and solutions.  Call Jennell Williams on 610-639-6737 and book an engagement today! Books are now available for purchase.  Email or reply to our Author’s contact page on the website: