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Jennell Williams Launches her first book entitled, “Older Adults Should Not Be Left Behind” The release of this book exemplifies Jennells’ intense passion to convey a vital message to Older Adults that expresses the need for our older adult generation to take this time to invest and believe in themselves. Our book tag line reads… 
“It’s Your Time”.  This book encourages Older Adults, Ages 50+ to rejuvenate life’s vision and develop the comfort of learning new technology skills and understanding the aging issues.

Attention:  Older adults who share interest and concerns of staying alert, sustaining their independence and functioning well in our society, this READ is highly recommended by the author Jennell, as a MUST READ! The author spent over seven tireless years doing research, presenting workshops, motivational speaking engagements, and writing to pursue a path of practicality and inspiration that reaches our overwhelming population of aging individuals. 

The author agrees that there are tons of information available on technology and aging subjects.  There is so much information that many aging adults feel overloaded. Each chapter is presented to enhance the journey of our readers.  

Examples of our chapter discussion include:

• Older Adults have different views towards technologies based on their generation and current lifestyles.

• Older Adults have experienced decades of memories relating to the phases of technology developed throughout their life span. 

• Older Adults experienced a lot of fear due to a society plagued with scams & tricks targeted at our older population.

The author, Jennell Williams encourages older adults to welcome learning new things. “Turn Off the Old I Can’t Attitude and Switch to the New I Can Attitude”




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